Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Time: 7 - 10pm

Location: Tine House
(off West 11th, near downtown Eugene)

Cost: $35/person

Other specifics:
- Bring your own beverage - water will be provided
- Volunteering is encouraged, we always need help with preparations and cleanup
- Throughout the evening our friends Dennis and Cam will be showing slides of thier extensive travels to India
- We expect a Sitar player!
- This is a largly vegetarian meal: dairy products will be served along with small amounts of meat, which can be skipped ~ see menu below for details

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This meal is inspired by the traditional "sadya" of Kerala ~ a feast served on a banana leaf. We will have an appetizer course and three mini-sadyas, each representing the diverse cuisine from the four corners of India. *


appetizers & greetings: live sitar by Jeremy ~ north
samosa ~ potato stuffed pastry
gobhi pakoras ~ cauliflower fritters
galouti kebabs ~ lamb patties
aloo parathas ~ potato stuffed bread
mirch wali paneer ~ chili Indian cheese
      anjeer ki chatni ~ fig chutney
      garam masala ~ fresh made spice mix
      nimbu ka achaar ~ sweet lemon pickle
      naan ~ fresh made by Aaron!
      tadka raita ~ seasoned yogurt

first sadya ~ east
aloo posto ~ potato with poppy seeds
chholar dal ~ spiced bengal gram
maacher jhol ~ fish curry
chawal basmati ~ rice
tamatar chatni ~ tomato chutney
panch phoran ~ fresh made spice mix
phalon ka raita ~ fruited yogurt
papadums ~ flatbread cracker

slide show tour of north & east India by Dennis

second sadya ~ south
sambar ~ lentils and vegetables
saag paneer ~ greens and cheese
kerala kozhi estew ~ chicken curry
elemicha sadam ~ lemon rice
thyru pachadi ~ spicy yogurt salad
tengai chatni ~ coconut chutney
naan ~ fresh made by Aaron!

slide show tour of west & south India by Dennis

third sadya ~ west
batata vadas ~ battered potato balls
balchao de camarao ~ pickled shrimp and vegetables
sukhi bhaji ~ dry vegetable curry
fodnicha bhaat ~ spiced rice
chawlichi bhaji ~ marathi black-eyed peas
shengdaniachi chatni ~ peanut chutney

payasam ~ rice pudding made by Amanda!
bebinca ~ goanese cake
nan khatai ~ semolina cookies
habshi barfi ~ nut fudge
chai ka masala ~ spiced tea


* As with most of my feasts, I begin by researching food traditions, and as the concepts come into focus I find myself relying almost completely upon one fabulous cookbook; in this case "India with Passion" by Manju Malhi.

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