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Date:  July 26-30, 2009

Location  Beverly Beach Camping

Where:  Beverly Beach State Park


As is turned out, the extreme heat of over 100 degrees inland drove lots of people to the beach, which resulted in limited choices for campsites. After checking several RV parks we ended up at Beverly Beach State Park. We were fortunate to be able to get a site for one night on Sunday, which we discovered left us with the option of reserving a site for Monday night if we were willing to move. We were and did. This began a daily pattern for us. Because we could not locate a site in any RV park, each morning we would go up to the Registration booth and pay an additional reservation fee to be able to reserve a site for the following night. A one-night stay grew to five nights. We had to relocate everyday to another site, but that is a very small inconvenience when weighted against being out on the road without a site or back in the heat.

Each day we got out and walked on the beach four or five miles, first to the north to the Devil's Punch Bowl, then to the south to Moolack Beach. We also did several trips on the Spencer Creek Nature Trail were I was able to get photos of the flowers of Twinberry, Common Touch-Me-Not, and Creeping Buttercup, and the berries of Red Elderberry, and Clasping Twisted-stalk.

Spencer Creek