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Title:Short Lake
Area:Willamette National Forest
Size:2 Acres
Depth:18 Feet
Elevation:3100 Feet
Snow_Free:Apr 20
Misc:Has been stocked with brook trout and with rainbow trout.
Difficulty:car trip
Notes:This lake is easy to access, you can drive right to it, but it probably gets overlooked by the crowds at Detroit Lake, and that's a good thing! There are lots of logs that make for good cover for the trout and easy access for the bank fisherman. If you fish your flies wet, count on losing some on the underwater logs.
Route:From Salem take Hwy 22 east to Detroit, take Breitenbush Rd, turn left on #040 to Short Lake
USGS_15:Breitenbush Hot Springs
USGS_75:Breitenbush Hot Springs
Reference:Fishing in Oregon by Sheehan

Short Lake - - - - - April 23, 2004

Short Lake - January 22, 2005 - - - photo by Tyler LeBard