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Title:Yoncalla Pond
Area:Douglas County
Size:80 Acres
Elevation:360 Feet
Links:North Douglas Betterment Pond Plan News
Trip Journal 3/28/13
BLOG 3/28/13, 3/29/13, 3/30/13, 10/15/13
Notes:Driving down Highway 99 through the small town on Yoncalla you will probably miss seeing Yoncalla Pond hidden behind the brush across the railroad tracks. It's an old log pond that is taking on a new life as a recreation destination for walkers, fishermen, and birders. North Douglas Betterment, a nonprofit organization, is hard at work planning and developing this site.
Route:Access on foot is available by crossing the railroad tracks at Main Street, or at one of two gates on the south end of the pond off of Elkhead Road.