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Common Name:Sparrow, Song
Scientific Name:Melospiza melodia
Area:E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area - Corvallis, Oregon
Date:April 17, 2011

The Song Sparrow's song is one of the most enjoyable. This is a very common sparrow and comes in a wide range of browns. The dark spot on the brest is one of the best ways to verfy your sighting.

Schad Road - Elkton, Oregon - - - June 25, 2011

Harris Beach State Park, Oregon - - - January 12, 2012

Huddleston Pond - Willamina, Oregon - - - July 13, 2019 I believe only one egg belongs to the Song Sparrow that was attending the nest, and that the other three eggs are actually Brown-headed Cowbird eggs.

Reference:Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of America by Kaufman / National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America