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Common Name:Flicker, Northern
Scientific Name:Colaptes auratus
Family:Picidae (Woodpeckers,Flickers,Sapsuckers)
Area:Brush College Park - Salem, Oregon
Date:March 30, 2014

The top photo shows a female, notice she lacks the red "mustashe" of the males as shown in the lower three photos. Red-shafted and Yellow-shafted Flickers, once listed separately, are now lumped together as Northern Flickers. Red-shafted males as shown here have a red mustache; Yellow-shafted males have a black mustache.

Elkton, Oregon - - - March 22, 2013

This male is busy working on a home for his expectant mate.
Dos Reis County Park, California - - -March 6, 2009

Collier Memorial State Park, Oregon - - - July 21, 2012

Reference:The Sibley Guide to Birds by Sibley