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Common Name:Finch, House
Scientific Name:Carpodacus mexicanus
Area:Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona
Date:February 14, 2013

House Finch is such a common name, and they are such a common sight feeding at urban backyard feeders across the entire United Sates, that I think we fail to give them their proper respect. I'm always taken back when I see one in the wild. They are a native bird, originally of the Southwest, and are now so wide spread in part because in the 1940's they were caged and sold in New York. A second reason for they wide distribution could be the fact that they can nest 2 to 4 times a year.

female - Buckskin Mountain State Park, Arizona --- February 28, 2011

Salemtowne, Oregon - - - May 14, 2015

Salemtowne, Oregon - - - June 17, 2018

Reference:The Sibley Guide to Birds by Sibley