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Common Name:Grosbeak, Black-headed
Scientific Name:Pheucticus melanocephalus
Area:male - Elkton, Oregon
Date:May 3, 2010

Black-headed Grosbeaks are summer residents in the Northwest, wintering in Mexico. They are easy to spot at a feeder, but are easily overlooked when singing their song from a tree top because it sounds so much like a Robin.

Elkton, Oregon May 26, 2013
The top photo is a male in breeding colors, this middle photo is a first summer non-breeding male. Notice the orange eye streak in the unfinished black hood.

female - Elkton, Oregon --- May 3, 2010

juvenile on the left being fed by mother --- Beaver Creek State Natural Area - - - July 15, 2013

Reference:The Sibley Guide to Birds by Sibley / Birds of the Willamette Valley Region by Nehls, Aversa & Opperman / Birds of the Pacific Northwest by Gabrielson & Jewett