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Common Name:Starling, European
Scientific Name:Sturnus vugaris
Area:Mehl Creek Road - Elkton, Oregon
Date:October 28, 2013

European Starlings were introduced in New York at the turn of the century and have spread throughout the USA. Considered a nuisance, they travel in large flocks, competing with native species and taking over nesting sites. The top photo represents the adult non-breeding plumage, the second photo is the breeding plumage, the third photo is a juvenile, the fourth photo shows juvenile into adult plumage.

Buckskin Mountain State Park, Arizona - - - February 27, 2011

Darrow Bar - Willamette River Greenway, Oregon - - - July 9, 2015

Beaver Creek State Natural Area, Oregon - - - September 13, 2014

Reference:Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America by Kaufman / National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America / Birds of Oregon by Burrows & Gilligan