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Date:  June 12, 2004

Location  Shellburg Falls Hike

Where:  Shellburg Falls Recreation Area


 Looking for something fun to do with grandson Tylor, I chose to take him hiking at Shellburg Falls. This is my sixth trip here this year, and I have yet to feel disappointed. Each time there is some nuance of change that brings new appreciation to the flora and fauna of the area. On this day the tall bright blossoms of the Foxglove caught our attention right away.

Tylor and Foxglove

The liquid song of the Swainson's Thrush filled the forest, Juncos displayed their tail feathers in striking displays, and as always Winter Wrens repeatedly proclaimed their melodies. Recent rains gave the falls a fullness of white fury.

Tylor and Shellburg Falls

We are always encouraged to find new improvements made by the Oregon Department of Forestry. On this trip it's the addition of restrooms!

new restrooms! - - photo by Tylor Scott

While eating lunch, a Chipmunk in the Salmonberry bushes caught our attention, giving us a clue as to what has happened to the ripe Salmonberries. While hiking after lunch, something else that caught our attention, were the many destroyed anthills. After closer examination we concluded some animal, possibly bears or coyotes, have dug into the anthills in search of the tasty larva.

Chipmunk nibbled Salmonberry
destroyed anthill
Tylor and grandpa