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Date:  October 12, 2006

Location  Abernethy Lake Fishing

Where:  Willamette National Forest


 I wanted to get in one more fishing trip to the high lakes before the inevitable rains came. Abernethy Lake had caught my attention on the map from my last trip, so I decided to search it out. It looked from the map to be pretty straightforward to drive straight to the trailhead. However we found the road to be so rough that we parked the car and walked the last mile to the end. The road dead ended where it was squeezed out between Deer Creek and the railroad. The absence of a trailhead sign, (probably removed by someone), caused a bit of confusion for us. We eventually decided to cross the creek via the railroad and then found an unmarked trail that I was confident would lead to the lake.

Jeanette at the railroad bridge over Deer Creek

Jim wonders what happened to the trail sign

Jim & Buster fishing

Abernethy Lake holds a good population of wild brookies, which were on the feed, but I found them quite wary, and I had to work to catch a few to bring home. Buster was insistent in going in the boat too. However he found the boat's nylon surface very slippery, and we all discovered he does indeed know how to 'dog paddle'.