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Date:  July 22, 2008

Location  Crabtree Lake & 6000-Line Pond Stocking

Where:  Linn County


 This was an interesting day of stocking in that we had to pack the fish into the two lakes we stocked. The process was to drive the truck as far as possible, then load up 5 gallon buckets with a plastic liner, water, and fingerlings. We would give them an extra shot of oxygen, tie up the liner, and load the bucket into a pack.

Our first lake was Crabtree Lake, which was possible to drive within a quarter of a mile of the lake. Five gallons of water and fish sloshing around on your back make you grateful that it was only a quarter of a mile.

Tyler & Jeanette at Crabtree Lake

At the lake we unloaded the buckets and emptied out the fish.

Tyler unloads the buckets at Crabtree Lake

Our second lake was the 6000 Line Pond. You won't find this pond on most maps, but I believe it takes its name from the closest road, the 6000 Line. From the road it was still a mile to pack in the fish to the lake. It was a misty day, and we didn't get a real good look or photos of the lake.

Tyler and Jeanette at 6000 Line Pond