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Date:  June 23, 2009

Location  Crabtree Lake & 6000-Line Pond Stocking

Where:  Linn County


 Day two of fish stocking involved going to two lakes, Crabtree Lake & 6000-Line Pond. Both of these lakes are hike-in lakes, so required us to carry in the fish using backpacks.
What happens is that we take plastic buckets, line them with a garbage bag, fill the bucket with water, add some fingerling trout, add some extra oxygen, seal up the bag, load the bucket into the backpack, and take off up the trail.

Jim releasing fingerlings into Crabtree Lake

At Crabtree Lake we saw plenty of evidence of fisherman enjoying our last years stocking. Some one had spent considerable time and ingenuity building some benches out of Sitka Alder. I'm not totally against this as they cleared out part of the trail that was becoming quite crowded and overgrown.

campsite at Crabtree Lake

Our second stop was at 6000-Line Pond. Here again we packed up the fish and packed them in. There was much less evidence of fishing here at this lake in the past year.

Tyler unloads his bucket at 6000-Line Pond

Fortunately both of these lakes require only a short hike. It's the getting to the trailheads that require effort. Steep windy roads taxed ODFW pick-up to the max, to the extent that we had to stop to allow the smoking transmission to cool. Down hill descents so steep the brakes stunk from overheating. I may be getting too old for all this excitement.