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Date:  September 29, 2009

Location  Alder Springs Trail Hike

Where:  Crooked River Grassland, Ochoco National Forest


 My brother Mark led my friend Dan Lawry and I on this hike of the Alder Springs Trail. I have had this trail on my 'to do list' for a good many years, but it's not the kind of trail to try and find yourself, it's much easier to have some one take you that knows the unmarked roads to the trailhead.

The trailhead was a desolate location, but the trail took us deep down in the canyons to a beautiful oasis area that was unbelievably green at Alder Springs. At this point we took off our boots and waded across Whychus Creek so that we could continue on down the trail.

Mark knew the area well as he had taken his family on a backpacking trip here on Labor Day Weekend, and so he led us on down Whychus Creek to where it joins the Deschutes River. After lunch at the forks, we hiked back up the canyons to Dan's pickup. Dan's GPS showed over 6 miles for the day.

"Spectacular" is the word that came popping up in my mind as we hiked down and out of the canyons.